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What is this Gor?

July 15, 2009
Sheraka Sirnah

Sheraka Sirnah

One of the things that I’ve found most entertaining about blogging is that you can see what search terms drive people to your site.   “Eat your own dogfood” and “Mayor McCheese” and “Linden Labs + ass” were all real searches that somehow drove people to my site.   The other week, however, a search that found my site got me thinking: “Free Gorean Avitars” (their spelling, not mine!); I realized that I’ve been in Second Life for nearly two years and other than all of the stereotypical things you hear about kajira and silks and the poor treatment of women, that I actually know very little about Gor.   Being the curious sort, I found myself wondering:  Were the stereotypes accurate?  What is Gor in SL really like?  I knew I probably wasn’t alone in this, so I thought I would try to find someone to interview.

I started by doing a quick search on Google and found Sheraka Sirnah’s blog.  Her blog seemed to indicate that there was more to Gor than I first thought, so we traded IMs in-world and she agreed to be interviewed.  I met with Sheraka in her very lovely home sim.  We ended up having a very long conversation about some of the main concepts of Gor, accurate Gor versus “Disney Gor,”  and the role of women in Gorean society.   Curious to learn more?  Read our conversation after the jump!

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