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The girl’s a superfreak!

August 20, 2009


During my first week in Second Life, I thought I was clever when I told people of my impression that most people were either in-world for sex or to build, or to do both.  Thankfully, I stuck around long enough to figure out that I got that one wrong.  But if you’re new or rely on the media for your opinion of Second Life, chances are that you might honestly believe that sex permeates the virtual world.  For those of us who have taken long enough in SL to fully outfit their avatar, we know that isn’t true.  But like most misconceptions, it has to come from somewhere, and there is no question that sexual exploration is a big pastime in Second Life.

I’m confident that most SL Residents seem to know at least one person who does a little sexual exploration, but few who make it a focus of their Second Life.  Halie Slade probably wasn’t who Rick James had in mind when he wrote Superfreak, but he probably was thinking of  someone like her when he did.  You see, Halie likes sex in Second Life.  She really really likes sex in Second Life.  But more than just enjoying sex in the pixels, for Halie SL is an opportunity to explore her boundaries in new and different ways.  Thankfully, this very thoughtful and intelligent woman has recently started sharing her experiences and writings on her very interesting Mind Games blog.

I got together for a great conversation with Halie; we talked about using SL to explore sexually, teledildonics (yes, you read that correctly!) and her blog.  Look after the jump to read the convrersation….

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