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Do not go gentle into that good, Night.

May 18, 2009

Night Morrisey by Botgirl Questi (used with permission)

Night M. by Botgirl Questi (used with permission)

A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from a friend who had left Second Life.  Her message was a surprise; she had been gone for months and wanted to re-connect.  While I was very happy to hear from her, given the circumstances of her departure, I wasn’t really sure what to say; when Night M. left Second Life this past January, she wanted it to be for good.

I know some of the people reading this blog knew Night.  For those of you who didn’t, there is no question that Nightflower cannonballed into Second Life and made quite a splash.  She was prolific in her digital life.  She wrote a wonderful blog, collaborated on some fascinating comics, was a rabid Plurker, and designed a sim with a gallery devoted to digital art.  Those who knew her found her to be a good friend and remarkable woman.  Despite her zeal for SL, Night had a hard time balancing her first and second lives and much of her time in SL was kept a secret from her husband.  This secrecy led to a departure in the Fall of 2008 with a return nearly six weeks later.   She dove back into Second Life with vigor but finally decided to make a very public departure on her blog at the end of January 2009.  She did not want to be able to return and deleted her account.  Time has passed, however, and the urgencies of her first life have slowed and she’s started to process what she valued about her second life and, in her own way, is raging against the dying of the light.

Since coming to Second Life, I’ve grown to recognize that having friends and loved ones leave the virtual world is part of the experience.  But what happens to someone who had been active in Second Life after they leave?  I know that it is a very personal experience that differs for everyone; as we talked in gmail about what being Night meant to her, she gracefully agreed to be interviewed and share just a little of her experience leaving Second Life.   Read what Night had to say about why she left and where she is now after the jump.

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Lies, Damn Lies, and SecondLie

April 1, 2009


SecondLie came out of nowhere, really.  He appeared on Twitter over a year ago and has gathered over 500 followers but describing just who – or what – SecondLie is gets a little murky.  Is he somehow a shadowy employee who seems to know more than he should?  A virtual world version of Deep Throat?  Or is he simply a wise ass and incisive critic of all things related to Second Life?  While the identity of SecondLie may be unclear, the reality is that there are often some kernels of truth buried deep within his tweets; I found our conversation to be no different.

If you don’t follow SecondLie on Twitter, here are some examples of recent posts:

  • “LL Support Staff wants in on this RP stuff. Users must now use ‘/me’ for all trouble tickets & in Live Chat, funny voices for phone contact.”
  • “Group voting will be removed in 1.23. It will be replaced by group bickering, fussing, and general apathy.”
  • “We’re pleased to announce the hire of Spam Linden. He’s based out of Nigeria, has no bear yet, but can make your boobs bigger & penis longer.”

I was able to meet with SecondLie Scribe on a bright sunny day on the beach outside my house.  Read what SecondLie had to say about porn, Gorean equality, Lorne Greene and the importance of laughter after the jump…

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Zada and the Zen of Unexpected Spaces

March 27, 2009

Zada Zenovka relaxes in space

When I decided to blog about the people of Second Life, I knew that Zada Zenovka would be among the first avatars I would want to interview.  She is – in so many ways – the sort of person you love meeting in SL; she is creative, bright, talented and funny but does not publicize her Second Life all that much.  Aside from her shop, Shapes by Zada (which sells shapes, eyes, specialty skins, and some fun freebies), Zada does some custom shape work, is involved with a variety of art and cultural projects, creates some fascinating builds, and is an admitted shopaholic.

We met over a few drinks at the bar in the observation platform atop Zada’s Space Elevator at Technohenge.  The observation platform is much like its creator; beautiful, eclectic, and smart.  To get to this shiny platform with transparent walls overlooking the earth and surrounded by the stars and moon, you have to take a nearly two-minute elevator ride to get to 2000m.  The objects in the room tell a bit about the person who put it together:  a jar with Chuck Norris’ face; a beautifully constructed book filled with Zada’s line of historical skins and shapes; a bar adorned with classic film noir movie posters; a mix of Victorian and modern couches; and series of pictures of Zada as a toy robot.

We chatted for well over an hour and covered a range of topics.  Read our conversation after the jump to learn about her efforts to find the secret Linden gardens, the Zen of SL, and more…

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