About Lanna & The Blog

Hi! My friends all call me Lanna. I’m yet another avatar with a blog of her thoughts on the people, places and happenings in Second Life. Friends have told me that I am pathologically curious, curiously nice and a nice wise ass.

I came to Second Life in August 2007 after reading this controversial Wall Street Journal article. My curiosity was piqued; I wondered “how could a computer game have that sort of sway over someone?” (It is true, I thought “game” but I hope I’ve said enough Our Philips and Hail Torleys to make up for it) Some believe that curiosity killed the cat; while I don’t think there has been any death in this case, I have gotten some idea where the people in the article might have been coming from. SL hooked me pretty quickly and I’ve been enjoying the metaverse ever since.

Vatsan Tomorrow helped me find the true magic of Second Life within my first five minutes on Orientation Island; he was my first virtual friend. While I stand in awe of the technology behind Second Life (which may well involve Pixies for all I know), I’ve found that people in Second Life truly give it its dimension and depth. This world has so many amazing, passionate and creative people who shape it to be such a wondrous place.

Because my Second Life is so much about connections with others, my blog is too. My hope is that it will be is a mix of opinion, silliness and conversations with some fascinating avatars who make up this world. I’m not really much of a builder, scripter or masher of prims but I can write and, if I am lucky, will be able to help tell some stories of the residents of Second Life.

Finally, yes I do have a first life. One I enjoy very much and is filled with love, happiness, and professional satisfaction. I know you’re curious, but I don’t care to share much beyond that I’m happily married, have two wonderful daughters and live in the Eastern Time Zone of the United States. Thank you for asking, though.


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