May 14, 2010

The other day I was chatting with my virtual cousin, Harper Beresford; besides gossiping about family (you would not believe what Uncle Mortimer has been doing!), she shared that she was going to be working on SL7B (and, in case you don’t know, it’s Second Life’s 7th birthday celebration.)  I was happy for her, of course, but then she told me the title of this year’s celebration is Unexpected Collaborations.   Now, if I’m being entirely honest, my first response was to stifle a giggle, but the more I thought about the idea of unexpected collaborations and Second Life, the more I liked it.

Serendipity has long been one of my favorite words.  If you aren’t familiar with it, serendipity means making fortunate discoveries by accident.  As I reflect on my second life, it has been filled with it.  For starters, I can’t begin to tell you how many of my dearest friends in Second Life I met entirely by chance.  But more than just chance encounters, much of my second life has been about exploring in all senses of the word and being open to seeing where serendipity and chance might lead.   This has lead me down some blind alleys and a few painful errors, but more often than not has resulted in something positive that I could not have predicted.  Since SL is both a social and creative space, I hardly think I’m alone in my experience and in my approach to our virtual world.

Following a string of events that have raised the question of how much Linden Lab understands how Residents relate to Second Life, I was happy to see the official SL7B theme as a positive sign.   So, for the first time, I find myself thinking of trying to see if I could do something for this birthday celebration on unexpected collaborations.  Since I’m not much of a prim masher, I’m trying to figure out what that might look like.  So, how about it, dear readers, do you have any ideas that would celebrate unexpected collaborations?   And would any of you like to collaborate?



  1. One of my closest friends, Twinkle Villota, rezzed just a few days after I. We were introduced by a person that’s long gone from SL now. A few days after the intro the one that’s long gone had said to me that she thought Twinkle was way too needy and that we would be much better off if we just kinda cold shouldered her. I didn’t do that.

    Twinkle comes to SL rarely now…pressures of real life etc. She’s from Bangladesh, speaks 6 (I think) languages… taught me the very basics of PCs, made it possible for me to have enough tech skills to run an estate, and has become a lifelong friend.

    That’s serendipity and an unexpected collaboration.

    Long ago I learned that I don’t have to know How I know something…I need to know When I know it.


  2. June 4, 2010


    I couldn’t agree more. Two things come to mind after reading your post: I came into SL alone so ALL of my friends here are serendipitous adventures. And reading you here is SL7B serendipity. Love your modded DIP sign. 🙂


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