Where did you want to go today?

September 26, 2009

Yadni's wonderful and eclectic junkyard.

Looking for something entertaining to try?  Look to your inventory!  No, I’m not suggesting that sorting your inventory is a fun pastime (although I suspect it is for some) but you can look to some of your older items to see what you will find!  Despite having a few moments of ruthless sorting and management of some notecards, objects and freebies I’ll never use, most of what I’ve ever taken into my inventory is still in there somewhere.  The great thing is that it makes for an archeological record of my time in Second Life.  So, out of a touch of nostalgia, fun and curiosity, I decided to revisit my first ten landmarks in SL.

Where did I go?  What did I find?  Peek after the jump to find out!

The results of my first landmark visits were interesting, but not surprising.  Of my first ten LMs, only two were exactly the same place and purpose as when I first went.  One had simply moved to a different sim and another was mostly the same but had been repurposed into something else.  The other six were gone and in two cases, the estates no longer even existed.

The two that were still around as I first found them (more or less) were Yadni’s Junkyard and Goldie Locks hair.  I got to Yadni’s  while randomly TPing around (yeah, yeah, I was one of those newbs who looked at the map and tp’d somewhere when I saw more than three green dots on the map); it is a wonderful freebie spot that has a little bit of everything.  Goldie Locks isn’t where I discovered prim hair, but it is where I got my first real prim hair courtesy of Lucky Chairs before I took the plunge to buy Lindens.   The one that moved was the Bubblegum Music Factory where I used to dance, enter contests and play trivia to earn Lindens (if you’re getting the picture that my first month was spent with looking for creative ways to get things with not too many Lindens, you would be entirely correct).  The other had been Parrot Island Pools.  How someone with no Lindens and no home got to a store that sells pools is more of a boring story than is worth recounting here, but they also had some lovely beaches and it seemed like a gorgeous sim at the time.  It is still Parrot Island and much of it looks the same, but they no longer sell pools and it operates as a club.

Of the six landmarks that no longer exist, I’ll be entirely honest when I tell you that I don’t recall what all of them were.   I do know that a couple were clothing shops and one was a Reiki center (I thought the concept of Reiki in a digital world entirely fascinating and incomprehensible. I’m sure others did too, which probably explains why it isn’t around any longer).  One was part of a residential sim that the owner gave up on.  Of the last two, I think one was a freebie place and the other is a big ol’ mystery.  So while I don’t know the exact details of why these six places are no longer around, I’m pretty confident that the it was probably because the owners found that they were financial sinkholes.

What did I learn from trying this little experiment?  One is that I need to spend time tidying up my inventory, but I was really reminded how my first month in Second Life was a story in random and serendipitous experiences.  At the time I first visited them, I found most of these ten places through sheer luck.  And just as luckily, I met people and had experiences that resulted in me continuing in SL; I also now know that I could have just easily had experiences that to led me concluding that SL was a sinkhole and led to me being only a vague memory.   Luck really can work both ways, and I am happy how things unfolded because of those ten places.

Are your first ten landmarks still around?  What sort of places did they bring you?



  1. My first 40 landmarks were deleted long ago… but I just deleted my first 40+ outfits. I’m determined that before I buy any more clothes, I have to wear or delete something in my inventory!

  2. A little cautionary note to keep in mind if you’re going to re-explore those old landmarks. I occasionally go through my landmark folders, and tp to the ones I can’t quite remember why I kept… and more than once I’ve rezzed in mid-air to a place that no longer exists. Ooooops…

    So, before you go: Take a look at the Z coordinate on the location, and be ready to click the Fly button!

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