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Do I still have egg on my face?

August 9, 2009


As happens to all of us, my first life has gotten a little busy.  I had great designs on a couple of posts and pretty much have not had the time.  So what’s a blogger to do?  Recycle a really old post!  Cheating, you say?  Given the circumstances of this one, I’m going with no.  Well over a year and a half ago, I did a few guest posts on my dear friend Kit’s now defunct blog, Second Life, First Person.  Don’t try to look for them, she’s taken all of the posts down except for her final goodbye.  Thankfully, one of these posts still seemed relevant after a little updating.  Since most of you probably never saw the original, I’m not too embarrassed to recycle it.  So here goes:

I had an interesting moment while recently chatting with some friends. I was juggling general chat and multiple IM conversations at the same time and — you guessed it — typed a comment intended for one person into general chat. Fortunately, it was a silly remark that I was able to play off pretty easily, but I found myself feeling a bit embarrassed. This got me thinking, how come there seem to be so few truly embarrassing moments in Second Life?

In the atomic world, I am good for at least one embarrassing moment per month. They are usually small “Well, that was stupid!” sorts of things. (We’re not talking anything like the most embarrassing moment in my first life. I can laugh about it now, but was horrified at the time… all I’ll say here is that it involved Chinese food, a conference call, and a colleague’s hotel room.) But how can something that we almost take for granted in the atomic world be that much more rare in the digital world?

Do I embarrass myself with this post? Keep reading after the jump to find out…

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