Avatars in Wonderland

/me doesn’t understand…


If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you might have figured out that I overthink things every once in a while.  Well, way too often.  Okay, all the time.  I can’t help myself.  The little hamster gets running on her wheel and can’t stop.  Overthinking is hardly a panacea, but sometimes it does help me create some sort of understanding for myself.  When something occurs, I reflexively find myself dissecting things in my feverish little head, trying to figure out what happened.

Well, some commonly experienced things in Second Life make me feel as frightened and confused as an Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer.   But after nearly two years in Second Life, there are a number of things I simply won’t ever understand.  Don’t get me wrong, I can put some rationales around them, but somehow my brain starts feeling marshmallow-like when I think too hard about them.  Want to know what transcends explanation?  What gets the hamsters in my head wishing they could be fired for excessive absenteeism?  Join me after the jump if you’re curious about what I don’t understand!

Why would someone write “no drama” in his/her profile? Don’t you think it is kinda an obvious statement?  Of course most of us don’t enjoy drama, why point it out?  Now really, does he think that a drama-monger will read that and say, “Oh, he doesn’t like drama?  Okay, I won’t talk to him!”  And I’m not even touching the phenomenon that despite that warning, it seems that the ones with that in their profile are usually involved in drama of one sort or another.

Does the nekkid guy with a freenis really think he’s going to get lucky by asking for sex? And I also wonder, does he grow up to be the barefoot tuxedo guy or is that just his brother?

Overusing gestures in conversation. Seriously.  You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?  This is when everything – and I mean everything – is punctuated by the same few gestures.  Is it that you just don’t know what to say and this is easier?  I like that it can be a creative expression, but creative is once or twice while using the same three gestures over and over again is downright annoying.   Forget the clubs where it appears as if entire conversations occur using only gestures, they’re a lost cause. (Hoooooooo!)

Why must emoting be in the third person? Okay, I understand that it grew out of roleplay, but sometimes it feels completely unnatural to be in the third person.  Isn’t there a better alternative?

Inconsiderate AOs.  There are some animation overrides in SL that baffle me.  Yes, I know this is personal taste and I’m not talking about the funky ones.  No, what I don’t get why people would choose gestures that would be considered rude in the atomic world.  The most common one that drives me nuts?  The one where the person gazes at her nails for an ungodly period of time.  When I’m chatting with a person who has that gesture, sometimes I want to ask, “Um, excuse me, am I boring you here?”

Xcite! attachments.  I’m probably going to get some people disagreeing with me on this one, but  these things seem like the arcade game equivalent of genitalia.  Click on something enough times until it makes a script scream out in pleasure?  That sounds as romantic to me as playing Pong.

Random and inconsistent pricing.  Prices vary wildly across the grid for just about everything.  Houses, shoes, land rentals, clothes, hair, you name it!  But it isn’t just the range of price that baffles me, it is also the fact that there is no correlation between price and quality.  Pick something you want to buy and you can easily find a high quality item at a low price and a lesser quality item at a higher price (style factors into it of course and you still might find yourself buying the pricier item).  I get that people hole up and make items for their store without venturing out to see what the competition is selling, but it make such little sense.  C’mon, 5000L for that cottage?  Are you high?

I’ve come to live comfortably with the fact that I won’t really understand these things.  Oh sure, I can create explanations with vim and vigor, but I still don’t think I’ll ever really understand why these things happen.  Which makes me curious, dear readers, am I off base on these?  And are there things in Second Life that you don’t understand?