OohOoh! me! me! meme!!

July 1, 2009

L @ ToRI don’t usually do memes, but Zoe Connolly started an interesting one that tells as much about the people of SL as anything I can imagine.  She asked for people to list atomic world influences on their avatar.  It seemed like it could be fun, so I thought I would have a try.

So who were Lanna’s influences?  The goal wasn’t to look like a specific person, but to come up with a look that I jokingly called girl next door plus.  And what is a girl next door plus, you ask?  She looks friendly and approachable; she’s pretty in a cute way (but not in a hawt or glam way).  A GND+ also has to look like could be a little athletic.   Finally, she had to convey just a hint of the smart is sexy vibe.   This took a little bit of work; I made Lanna’s initial shape but had the final tweaks done by the talented shapemaker Zada Zenovka.

Curious?  Who could have inspired Lanna?  Go ahead, have a look after the jump!

Remember, these were just influences on Lanna.  It is hard to say that my avatar looks exactly like any of them, but I’m pretty sure you might catch glimpses of each them if we ever actually meet.

Okay, I’ll admit that Diane Lane is more of glamorous pretty variety, but she seems to exude the quality of being like someone we all know (or would want to know).


The sweet, smart and pretty, Elisabeth Shue (more of the Hearts & Souls and not so much Leaving Las Vegas)


The slightly enigmatic, Selma Blair.


The wonderful and clever smartypants, Dorothy Parker.


Finally, the amazingly gifted athlete, Sue Bird.


Okay, you’re turn!  Go ahead!  Have a go!  Who inspired your avatar?



  1. From what I know and sense about you, these are perfect. All *wonderful* GND+ influencers; all very much comfortable in their own skin, with a great deal of depth and of ease…all very much how you strike me.

  2. Thank you, Michele! That is a very sweet thing to say!

  3. […] so I though I would ease back into it with a meme that has been running around. I saw it over on Lanna’s blog and GoSpeed’s blog but it originates with Zoe […]

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