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OohOoh! me! me! meme!!

July 1, 2009

L @ ToRI don’t usually do memes, but Zoe Connolly started an interesting one that tells as much about the people of SL as anything I can imagine.  She asked for people to list atomic world influences on their avatar.  It seemed like it could be fun, so I thought I would have a try.

So who were Lanna’s influences?  The goal wasn’t to look like a specific person, but to come up with a look that I jokingly called girl next door plus.  And what is a girl next door plus, you ask?  She looks friendly and approachable; she’s pretty in a cute way (but not in a hawt or glam way).  A GND+ also has to look like could be a little athletic.   Finally, she had to convey just a hint of the smart is sexy vibe.   This took a little bit of work; I made Lanna’s initial shape but had the final tweaks done by the talented shapemaker Zada Zenovka.

Curious?  Who could have inspired Lanna?  Go ahead, have a look after the jump!

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