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The Reports of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

March 19, 2009

coffin1I had great designs on a couple of posts this week, but important things in my first life have slowed this week’s ambitions.

First, I want to thank everyone for the wonderful and supportive comments about starting this blog; I just hope that I can meet people’s expectations. The most interesting thing, however, has been that I’ve heard from a few people that they thought I had given up on Second Life. I suppose this is a natural reaction, it seems like there is a revolving door with people leaving all of the time. Getting close to people only to have them poof away for good becomes something one gets accustomed to and is an accepted part of the culture.

During the last months, those of you who know me noticed that I wasn’t around Second Life much at all (and, even when I was, I tended to be in stealth mode.) This wasn’t because I had given up on Second Life, but more that I was a combination of burnt out and needing to gain perspective. But, like Mark Twain’s famous quote, I wasn’t quite gone. My time away helped me do exactly what I needed; reprioritize, get some better balance, and decide exactly what I wanted to get out of Second Life. My hope is to continue to enjoy friends old and new, explore the potential of the metaverse and to somehow contribute to making SL a more positive place.

Taking a step back wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be and I would highly recommend giving it a try; it doesn’t need to be forever but can really help you feel renewed in both lives. So, have you ever taken a hiatus from Second Life? Has it changed how you approach SL?